Father Gabriel Gillen of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph is spearheading a preaching tour with the Dominicans across the US, which will include the devotion to the relics of the Saints. Christopher Alles was commissioned by Father Gabriel to sculpt the primary reliquary to be on tour, which houses the relics of twelve Dominican saints, ranging from St. Dominic to Thomas Aquinas and Pius V. The image depicts a vision St. Dominic had of Heaven, in which he was sadden that he did not see any saints from his order. Unbeknownst to him, the Virgin Mary had hidden them under her mantle, and upon revealing this secret, St. Dominic rejoiced. The reliquary builds on this image with the idea of the Saints holding their own relics, entrusting their un-resurrected bodies to Mary, that she may protect them and bring them to Christ through Her intercession.

More details of the tour will be made available shortly.